Creating an Internal Stylesheet

Create an internal stylesheet, so you can customise the styles of your site's pages.


  1. Click to access the Content Delivery tab.
  2. Click Stylesheets to open the panel in the Site Map Inspector.
  3. Click to create a new stylesheet.
  4. In the New Stylesheet dialog provide a unique StyleSheet Name.

Certain characters are not permitted in a stylesheet's name. If you attempt to use these characters, a validation message will appear and you will be unable to proceed until you amend the name.

  1. Click Save.
  2. Type CSS content into the blank editor.

You should not attempt to write a stylesheet unless you are confident in your ability to use CSS language.

  1. Click to save the stylesheet.
  2. Use the Site Map Inspector menu to select Tools > Publish Changes > Stylesheets, which publishes the stylesheet to make it usable on the live site.