Generating an Application Using a Data Source

Use the Application Builder wizard to create an application based on an existing data source.


  1. Open the Getting Started tab.
  2. Click Let's Go under the Create an App Directly From Your Data header.
  3. The first step of the wizard will ask where you want KnowledgeKube to place the new content. Select either In a New Model to place the content in a new model, or In an Existing Model to use an existing model. The choice you make will affect the next step.
  4. (If creating a new model) Enter a name for the new model and click Create.

If you want the new model to be Private, preventing any unauthorised users from viewing it KnowledgeKube, tick Make My Model Private.

  1. (If using an existing model) Select the model where you want to place the content from the list and click Use Model.
  2. Choose the type of data provider you want to use for your content. This can either by SQL Server or an Excel File.
  3. Click Use Data Source.
  4. (If using an SQL data source) Use the Select an Existing Connection and Select a Table drop-down menus to pick the data source and data table to use. When you've made your selections, click Create.
  5. (If using an Excel file) Choose either Create a New Connection and click Browse to select the Excel file you want to use, or choose Use an Existing Excel Data Source Connection and use the drop-down menu to specify which to use. Click Select a Worksheet when done.

The chosen Excel document must not have spaces or brackets in any of its column names, nor must it have spaces or underscores in any of its sheet names. If you attempt to upload an invalid spreadsheet, an error message will appear and prevent you from proceeding until the file is corrected.

  1. (If using an Excel file) Select the worksheet you want to use from the uploaded Excel file and click Create. Your content will be generated and KnowledgeKube will display the Your Model panel for the chosen model.