Users and Workgroups

As an application grows in complexity and the number of potential users grows to match, you may decide that you want to restrict some or all of the application to logged-in users. To do this, you will need to create a list of authenticated Users, assigning each user to one or more Workgroups. Workgroups are connected to one another by creating Relationships between them, and these relationships determine the position a workgroup - and its members - occupy in the hierarchy of your business.

You can further control the access permissions available to individual users by creating and assigning User Roles. Doing this lets you hide areas of your application from users that do not have the requisite role to view them.

Topic Description Further Reading
Users Adding users lets you set their access privileges and add them to relevant workgroups. Users
Workgroups Workgroups allow you to collect related users. Before a user can access your application they must be assigned to at least one workgroup. Workgroups
User Roles By assigning roles to users, you can restrict which aspects of your application they can access. User Roles

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